ebm-papst worked together with Cinque Energy Solutions and Stulz to provide energy saving solutions for Diamond Light Source, one of the UK’s leading scienti?c organisations.

The fans

Existing air-conditioning equipment was upgraded with ebm-papst EC fans, which dramatically reduced cooling energy consumption.

The project

Stulz asked ebm-papst to carry out a site survey for upgrading some of its computer room air conditioners. Normally used for datacentre cooling, the unit was being used to cool electronic equipment rooms around the perimeter of the Diamond Light Source synchrotron. Phase one of the project was to upgrade 27 CCD900CW Stulz down? ow CRAC units from their traditional AC forward curved centrifugal blowers to EC backward curved impellers. An initial site survey identi?ed what the current solution delivered in terms of power draw and performance. Suitability for upgrade also had to be considered.

The Solution

The blowers would be replaced by EC backward curved impellers, but due to space limitations resulting from the use of a scoop directing air into the room, the EC solution had to be mounted within the CRAC unit enclosures rather than below. The proposed solution was to utilise the excellent energy ef?ciency of the latest RadiCal 560mm impeller from ebm-papst. The fans were mounted into bespoke metalwork frames to angle the air?ow to assist with the air delivery into the room. Metalwork and assembly was all carried at ebm-papst’s dedicated production area devoted to custom solutions.

Please read our case study on the project here.

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