Our goal is to provide our customers with efficient electrical installations, repairs and maintenance. All of our projects, such as fixed wire electrical testing, low voltage and  audio visual installationsPAT testing and lighting design are performed and completed in a safe and timely fashion with strict attention to detail and quality.

We also work with our clients to ensure they meet current legislation and guidelines to reduce their carbon footprint. This is achieved by providing operating programmes and solutions that contribute to a real reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Please read our environmental policy for more information.

Cinque Energy Solutions’ qualified electrical engineers offer our customers planned and reactive electrical maintenance packages that can be tailored to include the following:

  • Emergency Lighting
  • 24 hour emergency response
  • One, three, or five year periodic fixed circuit electrical inspections
  • Electrical installations and upgrades
  • Power factor correction
  • Lamp and tube replacements during inspections with specialist LED lighting design
  • Visual routine electrical safety inspections
  • Electrical fault finding
  • LV, lighting, fire, security, access, voice and data, lightning protection

Fixed Wire Electrical Testing

At Cinque Energy Solutions, our NICIEC qualified engineers know the importance of fixed wire electrical testing and the consequences of not identifying potential problems. Our electrical engineers will carry out fixed wire testing to accurately identify faults, their locations and the recommended solutions.

Electricity will always find the easiest path to earth and faults or weaknesses within your electrical installation or portable appliances can go undetected. In the event of another fault developing, this could lead to serious risk of fire, electrocution or death. For example, a 13-amp ring-main without earth continuity could render all metal parts of electrical appliances plugged into it live if one item on the ring developed a fault to earth.

Electrical testing is therefore an essential preventative maintenance measure to ensure your business is electrically safe at all times.


LV Installations

Cinque Energy Solutions’ low voltage installations are selected and installed with the utmost care. We always aim for ease of maintenance, a high level of customer satisfaction and cost effective testing for future compliance. Cinque Energy Solutions offers complete and partial electrical installation including the following:

  1. LV switchgear and distribution panels
  2. Diesel generators & uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  3. Power factor correction equipment
  4. Fire alarms and security systems
  5. Machine wiring and installation
  6. External lighting & street lighting systems
  7. Energy efficient lighting systems
  8. Warehouse lighting systems
  9. Specialised works including fibre optic & structured cabling

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Services

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a qualified electrician carry out your PAT testing, we are happy to carry out this electrical safety test for you.

A relatively brief user check (based on simple training and perhaps using a checklist) can be a useful part of any electrical maintenance regime, however a more formal visual inspection and PAT test by a competent person may also be required at appropriate intervals. This will depend on the type of equipment you’re using and the environment in which it is used.

By engaging Cinque Energy Solutions to undertake your portable appliance testing, you can be confident that your electrical safety testing program will be efficient and complete.


Audio Visual Installations

Cinque Energy Solutions ensures that all audio visual installation work, no matter how simple, is treated with great care. We will provide advice on finding the right products to suit your company’s needs, along with site surveys and on site meetings to guarantee that all AV installation work surpasses expectations.

We have been carrying out audio visual installations and maintenance for 10 years, dealing with projectors, PAs, conferencing systems and audio visual equipment.


Lighting Replacement

At Cinque Energy Solutions, we always encourage companies to consider energy efficient lighting as it helps to achieve the most energy efficient use and maintenance.

We do appreciate that initial costs can put some customers off, but fortunately prices for low energy products are starting to go down, making the decision to switch much easier. The returns on the investment are getting shorter in terms of time but greater in terms of payback, so it’s an ideal time to discuss your requirements with us.

We also offer advice on lighting design. Whether it’s for aesthetics or a safety requirement, Cinque Energy Solutions has specialist lighting engineers who can offer a range of lighting solutions, whatever the situation.