Whether you require support or information, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an integrated, cost-effective service for low energy solutions. Our services, such as EC fan service and installationLED lighting solutionspower factor correctionsolar panel installation and property energy surveys are carried out in a wide range of environments. These include data centres, educational facilities, commercial properties and MOD, industrial, retail and local government buildings throughout the UK.

We work with our clients to ensure they meet current legislation and guidelines to reduce their carbon footprint. This is achieved by providing operating programmes and solutions that contribute to a real reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Please read our environmental policy for more information.


ebm-papst EC Fans

Cinque Energy solutions is proud to be the approved partner to ebm-papst, the foremost low energy EC fan producer in Europe. Almost any AC fan’s energy consumption can be reduced with ebm-papst products.

Considering ebm-papst’s awards for design, problem solving and low energy reduction, we are delighted to have been chosen as the approved partner for service and installation. We are also the main EC fan supplier to the retrofit markets, where we are called in to support large chiller and air conditioning companies’ upgrade equipment and make them more efficient.


Why EC fans?

EC is easy. Permanent magnet motors run on high voltage direct current (DC) electricity with built in AC to DC conversion, allowing them to run direct from single phase or three phase mains supplies. This makes them very efficient and compact.

EC technology is not new. The market leader, ebm-papst, developed their first EC compact fan in 1965, 30 years before their competitors started to market their own EC products, and 15 years before environmental protection was even an issue.

In this time, ebm-papst have improved, refined and extended the EC range into the universal, high technology and reliable product that it is today.

This means that ebm-papst EC gives you high performance, silent speed control and long life expectancy in a product that is the same size as the old, power-hungry AC products it replaces.

The ebm-papst EC product range offers you:

  • Stepless and infinitely variable speed control
  • Fully integrated, mains input power supplies
  • Compact motors making them fully interchangeable with AC products for retrofit
  • Fully sealed electronics
  • Full BMS integration
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Built in electronics enabling the user to connect sensors directly to the fan simplifying control philosophy

Ebm-papst produce green technology products that are not just about high efficiency, energy saving motors; it’s the whole ethos. Every newly developed product has to be economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor. From the efficiency of the motor to the carbon footprint of the factory in which it is made, ebm-papst strives to be green through and through. For example, the average fan factory with a floor area of 13,000 m2 uses around 830,000 kWh per year but ebm-papst has built a new factory for making large EC fans so that it uses only one tenth of this amount. That’s 91% below the standard set by German building regulations.

And finally: why use ebm-papst EC technology? We believe it is more efficient, quieter and more reliable than any other EC product on the market giving better performance and a lower whole life cost. But if for no other reason, then because switching to EC technology will reduce carbon emissions by at least 30%.


LED Lighting

Cinque Energy Solutions understands that it is not just about energy saving when it comes to LED lighting. We look at several factors including lux levels, directional lighting schemes, maintenance savings and mood lighting. Because we only work with the best niche lighting manufacturers, we will only specify the LED lighting that is right for the work space.

  • LED T8 Tubes
  • GU10
  • High bay lighting
  • Led panel lights
  • Spotlights
  • Street lights
  • Floodlights

Power Factor Correction

Power factor refers to how much power is being consumed. The optimum power factor is known as unity as this delivers no extra burden to the electricity supply and creates ideal levels of efficiency. Power factor correction is the process of bringing power factor as close to unity as possible.

Cinque Energy Solutions can help businesses of all sizes reduce the burden on their electrical supply by adding compensating components to the electrical network. As a result, your energy bills will drop and your energy efficiency will increase.

Whatever your requirements, we can find a power factor correction unit that is suitable for your needs, whether it is near the plant or at the mains intake to the building. With energy costs rising, we can help reduce the apparent power consumed by your business to help you enhance your profit margin.


Solar Energy

The UK is heading towards an energy shortage so prices for energy are increasing. Many organisations recognise that by investing in ways of generating their own energy, like solar power, they can reduce their bills in the long term. Return on investment can be enjoyed in as little as a couple of years depending on the size of the installation and how you choose to export or use the energy that you create.

Cinque Energy Solutions, in connection with one of our principle partnering companies, can fit large or small scale commercial solar installation projects, depending on your needs.


How do solar panels work?

Solar panels collect photons from sunlight and convert these into DC power (an electrical current that travels through a circuit in one direction.) The DC power flows into a converter which turns it into AC power (an electrical current that frequently reverses direction) that can be used to power electrical equipment.


What do you need for solar panel installation?

Most buildings are suitable for solar panels. The ideal place for panels is on south to west facing rooftops as these will generate the most solar power. Sloping and flat roofs are both suitable for housing solar panels. If you are unsure whether your property is suitable for solar panel installation, you can call us for advice.


How much does solar panel installation cost?

The cost of solar panel installations depends on a number of factors including roof type, number of panels and various other factors. Because each property is different, it’s best to carry out a solar panel survey, during which we would be happy to discuss the costs with you.



What are the benefits of solar energy?

There are many benefits to solar panels. The solar power that they generate is completely renewable, providing a consistent and constant source of power. Solar panels require very little maintenance and are often self-cleaning so their lifespan is significant. And then there’s the main reason: money. The initial outlay may seem expensive, but over time the return is impressive purely because the energy source is essentially free. This is the main reason that domestic and business properties are investing in solar panels as protection for the future.

Property Energy Surveys

Low energy property surveys can help businesses significantly reduce the amount they spend on energy usage. We understand where buildings are the least efficient so we concentrate our energy audits on these areas to achieve the biggest savings. For instance, most lighting and air conditioning systems account for over 80% of energy use in a typical commercial building, so that gives a wide scope for improving energy efficiency.

Cinque Energy Solutions has recently invested heavily in the most up-to-date technology to carry out comprehensive energy audits. With the support of our suppliers, we have access to the ever-increasing information and government policy influencers regarding energy efficiency.

We have the following energy audit equipment available to us:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Electrical energy profiling
  • ClimaCheck
    Overall the energy savings estimates for commercial and residential buildings vary between 30-70%.

Green Bridge works with Cinque Energy Solutions to help reduce their clients’ energy consumption and expenditure through energy audits and environmental surveys. Using accredited infra-red thermographic surveys and enviro-assessments, Green Bridge will monitor your building’s energy and target the areas where you can reduce it.

Cinque Energy Solutions and Green Bridge are dedicated to reducing your energy bills without losing you time or profits. For more information about Green Bridge, visit their website: www.greenbridgeservices.com.


Free Cooling Solutions

Cinque Energy Solutions can reduce the cost of running your data centre equipment by up to 75% with the use of a free cooling control system. By using the ambient outside air temperature to cool your equipment, you can save a significant amount on your air conditioning costs. Take a look at these examples:

100KW cooling saving per year £21,621.60 33Kwh @ 10p Kwh

1000KW cooling saving per year £216,216.00 330Kwh @ 10p Kwh

10000KW cooling saving per year £2, 162,160.00 3300KWh @ 10p Kwh

To find out how our free cooling systems work and enquire about installation, take a look at our main free cooling information in the building services section of this website.