Environmental Policy

Cinque Energy Solutions remains fully committed to playing its part in the preservation of natural resources and preventing environmental pollution. Senior management has the responsibility for implementing the policy for this continuous development and adherence.

Our policy is to carry out our business so that we take full account of the needs of the environment. Everyone at Cinque Energy Solutions has a role to play, especially those responsible for implementing services to its clients whether through plant machinery, obtaining goods or services engaged.

Cinque Energy Solutions continuously monitors its environmental policies in line with new legislation and developments in waste management.

Cinque Energy Solutions also understands the importance of minimising the effects of our business on the environment and we will achieve this through our commitment to:

  • Maintaining our environmental management system (EMS), to assess, monitor and control our environmental aspects in order to control the environmental impacts and prevent pollution
  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • Maintaining the framework for setting up objectives and targets to improve environmental performance through continuous improvement
  • Ensuring that all our employees have the appropriate level of environmental training and awareness
  • Operating contingency procedures to prevent and limit environmental incidents
  • Reducing where practicable our emissions to air, land and water
  • Monitoring our waster disposal and where practicable reusing and recycling to reduce waste
  • Minimising energy consumption by effective energy saving techniques
  • Ensuring the safe storage, handling and use of hazardous substances
  • Reviewing our consumption of raw materials and natural resources in order to reduce where possible
  • Considering environmental criteria in the procurement of goods and services
  • Assisting our clients in improving their environmental and energy management

Management of Hazardous Substances

Cinque Energy Solutions is a registered Producer of Hazardous Waste in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) - (1990) our number NAU379. Start date 14/07/2005.

Cinque Energy Solutions has a duty of care under the regulations to provide waste transfer notes when disposing of hazardous waste or dry waste materials in line with section 34 of the EPA (1990).

Waste Batteries

Batteries – disposal of disused batteries is in accordance with environmental policy and legal requirements and is done so under our registration number.

Batteries are recycled whenever possible but due to the heavy metals contained within most batteries this is not possible and they must be dealt with in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act (1990) via specialist waste disposal companies operating under licence to government bodies.

Gases / Refrigeration – disposal of gases/refrigeration accumulated as a result of works carried out at our clients’ sites is always contained within the correct containment apparatus and then passed for processing under our registration. All reclaim bottles have serial numbers and once full are returned for disposal, where they will be logged for contents and hazardous waste transfer notes raised and issued to Cinque Energy Solutions accordingly.

Companies used for processing of disused gas /refrigeration are licensed by government bodies to handle and dispose of such waste in accordance with the EAP (1990).


Disposal and Recycling - The UK is adopting the European Waste Catalogue EWSC on the treatment of fluorescent tubes which classifies these as hazardous waste requiring transfer notes and processing under legislation.

Fluorescent tubes / lamps contain mercury and although it is only a small amount (0.01%) the quantity that is scrapped poses a serious environmental threat – therefore they are not permitted to be disposed of via landfill sites. Lamps are now recycled, with glass and metal components being extracted. Specialist waste disposal companies licensed to process the remaining waste are used and Cinque Energy Solutions are charged by the type of lamp and volume being disposed off.

Chemicals / Waste Oils

As a registered producer of waste Cinque Energy Solutions will use specialist companies to dispose of chemicals or oils in accordance with the EPA (1990). They will receive hazardous waste transfer notes copies of which must be kept to provide evidence of compliance to outside inspecting bodies.

Generator Oil / Diesel – this is contained within permitted containers and transported in accordance with regulations. Vehicles used for transportation are marked up with the appropriate symbols to warn of the contents of the vehicle. All waste oil or diesels are returned to Cinque Energy Solutions and then collected by registered specialist waste disposal companies and documentation is provided tracking the shipment and its final disposal.

Other Chemicals and Hazardous Substances

Cinque disposes of all chemicals and waste substances in accordance with the EPA (1990) and is provided with Hazardous waste transfer notes for all disposals undertaken.