Cinque Energy Solutions offer an all-round facilities maintenance service, where we will look both internally and externally for the appropriate solution. We employ our own experts but also have preferred partners who can back up our service with certain disciplines, such as day-to-day building maintenancecleaning services and security systems.We also work with our clients to ensure they meet current legislation and guidelines to reduce their carbon footprint. This is achieved by providing operating programmes and solutions that contribute to a real reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Please read our environmental policy for more information.


Security Systems

Cinque Energy Solutions offers a wide range of security services. Whether you need high level surveillance systems or security guards, Cinque Energy Solutions will be able to provide you with the perfect security system for your business.

If you’re looking for a CCTV system, our expert security engineers will talk you through the best options for your premises. They’ll also install the surveillance cameras and alarm systems to get your business protected in no time.

Cinque energy Solutions offers the following security services:

  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • Security guard services
  • Steel and wood security boarding
  • Concrete barriers

Facilities Cleaning Services

Working alongside our specialist partners, Cinque Energy Solutions offers an expert commercial cleaning service for many different environments. We offer our cleaning solutions to several of our SME customers who rely on our hard services but also require help with their facilities maintenance.Whatever your cleaning requirements, Cinque Energy Solutions will provide you with first class commercial cleaning services.

Data Centre Cleaning

It’s essential to keep your data centre clinically clean to maintain the equipment and keep it running at peak performance. Even the smallest bit of dirt that the eye can’t see can cause problems in a controlled environment like a server room.

Cinque Energy Solutions provide trained data centre cleaning technicians to carry out deep cleans as part of a preventive maintenance program to ensure all dust and dirt is eradicated from your data room.

Deep cleans are usually performed after refurbishment works have been completed, allowing the environment to be returned back to its usual clinical status. It is often used prior to cabinets or equipment being installed after a data centre is built.

Building Support