Hastings-based New Career Skills Limited charged fees of up to £6,000 to retrain mature career-changers for jobs as plumbers, green engineers and electricians. But now administrators from KPMG have been called in and closed the Southampton training centre that David Cameron visited three years ago to celebrate the firm’s track record for growth and retraining people for second-chance careers in construction. NCS was founded 15 years ago and in 2008 and was named as one
Major energy suppliers will raise less under the “green levy” as ministers move to cut rising fuel bills for households. The move will cause outrage among insulation suppliers who have been campaigning hard to keep the levy. The Government said it will be “reducing the cost of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), an insulation scheme delivered by major energy suppliers. “This will result in £30-£35 off bills, on average, next year.” Ministers are hoping to counter

Infrastructure Carbon Review

Posted on 28 Nov 2013

Category: Energy
On November 25th, industry leaders, Lord Deighton (Commercial Secretary to the Treasury) and Michael Fallon (Business and Energy Minister) signed a joint initiative to reduce carbon in infrastructure. It’s believed this initiative could save a whopping 24 million tonnes of carbon and £1.46 billion a year by 2050. The Infrastructure Carbon Review, developed jointly by government and industry through the Infrastructure Cost Review and Green Construction Board, sets out a series of actions for government,

What energy crisis?

Posted on 26 Nov 2013

Category: Energy
By now, most people in the UK will have heard of the potential black outs we face over the next couple of years due to the lack of energy supply. But is there anything we can do to help? Although we can’t miraculously turn the situation around, businesses can certainly do their bit to reduce energy consumption in the UK. For those who are unaware of the position, traditional energy sources are diminishing at an