Project Overview

Cinque Energy Solutions were approached to look at low energy options at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth, Southwest London. With a large amount of multi level roofing with limited shading, we identified options for solar energy installation ranging from 50kw to 200kw.

  • Number of panels: 198
  • kWh size: 48.5
  • Roof type: concave Kalzip and flat concrete

The Challenge

This building is quite spread out and the logistics of moving 200 solar panels up to the top of the cinema roof, which sat above the 7th level of a multi storey car park, which had a restricted height level, meant no lorries or high top vehicles. From the point of the highest level of the car park the panels, inverters, mounting structures and 400kg of cable needed to be raised a further 11 metres onto the cinema roof, which required specialist fixings that did not penetrate the roof.

The Solution

Following an in-depth site survey a project team was established. Where other companies had walked away from this project we quickly established that the Kalzip roof had
been designed to have solar panels and fixings were available for this particular roof. The logistics of this project were always going to be challenging as moving 200 panels, 3 inverters, mounting kits and cable from the ground floor to the 7th storey of the car park without the aid of vans and lorries or a crane as it would have been too expensive, due to closing roads around the site. We organised alternative logistics that allowed this to be overcome by incorporating a more labour intensive operation that met with health and safety requirements and saved the objections by
local organisations.


This site was not only logistically challenging, but part of the roof was not a standard type so we couldn’t penetrate it, nor could we use ballast to hold the panels in place. Nonetheless, we sourced the appropriate fixings and had it signed off by the Kalzip roofing manufacturer. The weather was not ideal with snow and freezing cold temperatures, but this project was a complete success with a resounding vote of confidence from the shopping centre manager, who is now reaping the benefits of renewable energy.

Results: Month 1

  • Generated electricity: 4577kWh
  • Revenue generated: £636.00
  • Energy used: 4577kWh
  • Savings: £503.47

At this rate, the return on investment for this project is 5-6 years.